Skew Gallery is currently an online gallery, as Bart Habermiller and Emily Barnett pursue the delivering of a variety of cultural activity including exhibitions directly to the public. Recently Skew has decided to forgo its stationary location in order to seek an abundance of opportunities that exist as a result of the digital age. At a time when location independent people and business can experience more favorable advantage as a result of their ability to be fluid, Skew has picked up it's anchor for the next one – two years in order to pursue exhibitions for a core group of represented artists and other pursuits. In a variety of exciting and innovative ways Skew Gallery artists now engage more people than the traditional bricks and mortar business model could offer.

Through its commitment to artistic excellence, Skew Gallery continues to serve as a platform to both the international and local collector audience by way of introducing new artists and imparting fresh approaches in art and exhibition. From emerging to established painters, photographers, sculptors, installation and new media artists, artists of Skew Gallery share an ambitious, forward thinking approach to art making with a definitive interest in contemporary art practice and theory. Well-known for its mentoring relationships with emerging artists, Skew Gallery has been publically recognized for its strong ability to identify artists capable of significant trajectory. Through its willingness to risk-take Skew has worked with many talented artists during the primary stages of their profession, clearing a path for career-defining opportunities on  behalf of the artists, combined with a pointed promotion strategy.